August 3, 2021

Safeguarding Training for Committees

As part of the launch of the LTA’s Safeguarding Strategy 2021-2023, one of the key tactics is to develop new, innovative safeguarding training for key stakeholders in the sport, and specifically having focused training for county and venue committees.

Coupled with the recommendations from the Wrexham Tennis Centre Independent Review, the LTA has launched a new introductory course entitled ‘Safeguarding Training for Committees’ which takes the form of a short video and engagement work. The aim of the course is to provide key safeguarding information and messages to those on committees who would otherwise not receive safeguarding training, as they do not have regular roles working with children or adults at risk.

The training is designed to provide an overview of safeguarding in tennis, to highlight how concerns should be raised, what support is available, and practical tips to support Welfare or Safeguarding Officers to promote a safer place to play. The LTA Safeguarding Team has worked with various volunteers across venues and counties in developing this course to ensure it provides venue and county committees with key information on the basics of safeguarding.

This training is mandatory for all committee members at venue and county level and will form part of the criteria on which they are assessed against venue and county Safeguarding Standards. A record of who has attended and when should be recorded for such purposes. We are asking committees for venues and counties to ensure that this is completed by the end of 2021 , and renewed as a full committee every two years. Moreover, all new committee members should undertake the course on their appointment.

The video for the Safeguarding Training for Committees is located here and the facilitator guidance notes are located via here.

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