September 23, 2021

LTA Youth programme launches in Secondary Schools

Inspired by LTA Youth Ambassador, Emma Raducanu?

The NEW LTA Youth secondary schools programme is now available for teachers and content includes…

  • afPE approved PE resources
  • Mental health & wellbeing
  • Employability & life skills
  • Health & fitness
  • SLQ leadership course
  • Intra & inter competition
  • YST athlete mentor visits
  • Opening facilities tech £ grant
  • Sports hall red ball activities

Available for the new academic year, LTA Youth is the perfect solution for teachers looking to engage their pupils in a range of new resource topics covering PSHE, Careers and Physical Education - all with a Tennis twist.

LTA Youth are inviting teachers to take part in their free, 2 hour training course. With virtual and face-to-face options available, this training will help boost confidence in delivering PE. On completion of the course, schools will receive a £250 voucher and tennis activity pack or 10hrs team-teaching support with a local LTA Accredited coach.

4,000 teachers in the UK have completed the course already.

Now for the real advantage - for the first time, LTA Youth will be offering a visit from a professional tennis player as part of the programme as they look to highlight the benefits of tennis in building active lifestyles and key skills for the future.

Join the active online community of over 10,000 teachers today and sign up to LTA Youth. Click  here to register. 

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