May 21, 2021

LTA 2021-23 Safeguarding Strategy

The LTA are clear that nothing is more important than safeguarding those who play our sport from harm. We recognise the contribution that sport can make to both physical and mental health, national pride and social development when supported by a commitment to safeguarding young people and adults at risk.

The LTA values of Integrity and Excellence align directly to the Safeguarding strategy and mission:

Develop and implement the highest safeguarding standards across tennis.

In support of the strategy, safeguarding is discussed at LTA Executive Team level and is a standing agenda items at each Board meeting. Safeguarding is also a workstream of the tennis development Board sub-committee ensuring close working with tennis volunteers.

A member of the LTA Board has specific responsibility for safeguarding.

A dedicated expanded safeguarding team are in place to lead and coordinate activity within this area with responsibility to ensure the LTA meets the commitments set out in this strategy.

You can download the strategy document here.

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