January 13, 2022

Competition Organiser Courses Jan to June

The Competition Organiser Course is a three hour course which is a starting point for people who want to run local Grade 6, Grade 7 and ungraded competitions as well as organising larger tournaments.

This version of the course will be completed online via Zoom


25 January, 6-9pm

24 February, 1-4pm

30 March, 10am-1pm

25 April, 1-4pm

19 May, 10am-1pm

29 June, 6-9pm




Attendees must be a minimum age of 16 to attend the course.


The aim of Competition Organiser Course is to provide attendees with the knowledge and skills to run enjoyable competitions

The course covers the following areas:

  • Competition framework, ratings and rankings
  • Running a competition from start to finish from competition creation to submitting results
  • Formal and informal competition formats
  • How to create an enjoyable competition experience


The course will count for 3 Officials Licence and Coach Licence credits for those who already hold either Licence

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