December 8, 2021

Cambridge take on Norfolk in County Friendly

In the spirit of friendly competitiveness, Cambridge County 65’s team invited Norfolk 65’s to field a team of their finest against some of the cream of Cambridges’ old age pensioners. The chosen battleground was the bubble at David Lloyds with rackets the weapon of choice with which to launch tennis cannon balls.

Cambridge fielded eight players ranging from the 79-year-old medical phenomenon, Terry Griffin to a very sprightly 66-year-old Mark Sanders, which lowered our team average age to a mere 70. Norfolk’s brought six much younger players with an average age of 69.

With only three courts available and time limited to 4 hours, to enable as many matches as possible and try to get a couple of singles in as well, the competition used the Fast4 format, with Norfolk keeping their pairing throughout whereas Cambs swapped their pairings for each of the four rubbers.

It’s well known that with this format, it’s imperative that each team comes out fighting to avoid losing early games at all costs.  Norfolk employed their well-rehearsed tactics of lobbing ariel bombardments to ballistic driving and volley firing at the net. Cambridge absorbed the pressure of this campaign, retreating appropriately to regroup before launching their own attack and advance towards victory. 

Cambridge came out the eventual victors, winning 10-2 in rubbers.  Now this may sound very much like a rout, but nothing could be further from the truth because when you get two evenly matched teams, Fast4 becomes a lengthy affair and Norfolk fought tooth and nail all the way to the end.  The major difference between the teams, Cambridgeshire won six of the eight game tiebreaks and all three of their 10-point match tie-breaks.  We never did get any singles in - it turns out that the only thing fast about this competition was the title.

The Cambridge 65’s team would like to thank David Lloyd for allowing us to hire out the bubble for so long and for the catering staff who were exemplary in their service and patience whilst dealing with 14 OAPs.

Jim Hunter, Captain

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